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MiniTru Tower

Coming soon — George Orwell’s (ahem) timely dystopia novel as a “just-the-notes” production.

If you’re new to the CraftLit universe, how it normally works is like this:

  • Podcast episode
    • Opening
    • Chit-chat
    • Crafty-chat
    • Pre-chapter audio book notes
    • Chapter audio
    • Post-chapter audio book notes

For 1984 we’re stymied a bit by the copyright of the book—it’s still active. However, that won’t stop us! Just like we did for The Great Gatsby, we’ll do the pre-chapter notes and the post-chapter notes and let you do your own reading (or listening). Et voilà! Audio Annotations for a Book (audiobook or book-book. Your choice).

Along with 1984 we’ll be looking at several Orwell essays that are easy to find. Perhaps those we’ll be able to get rights to.

CraftLit is currently a little over halfway through The Count of Monte Cristo and about the same through the world premiere audiobook of The Cat Came Back. As a consequence, 1984 is outside our normal rhythm. It will have it’s own iTunes channel shortly and when it does, you’ll be able to subscribe via this page.

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