199–Gilmore Chs 3–4 — Woman in White


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2 Responses

  1. Brenda H says:

    Thank you for speaking positivly about the US Postal Service. I work there and get so tired of people complaining about the post office. It is a bargain compared with other countries and jeez you can send a post card to Guam for 28 cents! Thanks again-love your podcast-good luck moving!

  2. colleen mcguire says:

    have been enjoying this so much. Even have taken out a real (the print kind) Willkie Collins book. Although then I would have to put down the needles. I am thinking about your fall trip. I live in Boston and would love to meet up with the trip to say hello. Maybe I could persuade a local yarn shop to host a reception for you? A fave of mine is the Stitch House Dorchester.