203–2nd Epoch, Marian – Chs 4-5 – Woman in White


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  1. I found Ruth Golding on Audible’s site–http://www.audible.com/search/ref=sr_nsrch_lnk_2?searchNarrator=Ruth%20Golding&qid=1302126606&sr=1-2

    So far she has read Wuthering Heights and The Edge of Eden. Both are really reasonably priced.

  2. On the topic of Stockholm Syndrome with this character-I didn’t consider it and am not really sure I do. I recall that she has been a bit of a pill since the inheritance thing and just assumed that she’s got a nasty personality and choose to turn it on and off to suit her purposes. I think the best example was this section where she played all nicey-nicey until she saw her husband was ready for her to return and suddenly her demeanor shifted and dropped Marion like a hotcake.

  3. Sarah says:

    Heather, when you mentioned Stockholm Syndrome, I couldn’t help but think of the book “Bel Canto.” If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s a really fascinating (albeit fictional) account of what can happen in the relationship between hostage and hostage-taker.

  4. colleen mcguire says:

    oh, I just finished listening…..I am just waiting for the next post. Finished a few inches of my mohair cowl. Thank you for helping me a specific time for knitting on it!

  5. Heather says:

    iTunes should be working now (sigh); Jan–we’re just at the start of the Second Epoch, Marian’s chapter four I think (the Library is up to date now); Linda–we have folks listening on everything including just off this site. I think if you have any sort of Mp3 player and download from the library, you can drag the files onto it and call it a day. Certainly no reason to get anything expensive!
    And yes. I’ve now added Wilkie Collins to my list of people to go back in time to meet.

  6. Rita says:

    I’m so glad this is up! I finished 202 last night and I haven’t been happy listening to anything else! I suppose I could go to Librivox and listen ahead, but it’s not the same without Heather’s commentary to help my focus my listening!

    You’re right, Wilkie Collins was ahead of his time!

  7. Linda A. says:

    I’m wondering what player listeners are using for this (fantastic) podcast and for other audiobooks. I’m using an iPod, but I’m interested in trying some less-expensive players.

    BTW, I couldn’t wait. Had to pick up Woman in White at the library. But it didn’t tell me what Heather is doing this week.

  8. JanP says:

    How far through Woman in White are you at this time?

  9. EmilyW says:

    Hi Heather! I’m wondering if there’s a problem with iTunes… when I try to refresh my podcasts to download episode 203, I’m getting a notice that says “Craftlit does not seem to be a valid Podcast URL. Please check that you have entered the correct URL and try again.”

    I’ve tried unsubscribing and resubscribing, but that hasn’t helped.

    Thanks a bunch – can’t wait to hear what happens next in the book! 🙂