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2 Responses

  1. christina says:

    So sorry you’re still so ill! Has your doctor mentioned to you that there is a pneumonia vaccine? It was recommended to me alongside the flu shot because I have asthma and an autoimmune issue. Unlike the flu shot, pneumonia vaccine is good for 8-10 years, if memory serves.

    Also, after you replied to my Audible comment I decided to try the link once more before calling customer service, and it worked that time like a charm. I must have just hit a window between active links when I tried previously. It’s great to know for future reference that their customer service is not to be feared.

    Prayers for your smooth recovery,

    P.S. Love the doodle!

  1. January 21, 2013

    […] Heather at Craftlit has been mentioning zentangles(tm) and zendoodles, and I’ve been intrigued. So I picked out a smaller notebook (I didn’t think I should buy the kit with tiles unless I was sure I was actually going to do it for sure. Maybe that was Mammabear being sensible about money.) […]