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7 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    My first, and only encounter with Wharton was a high school assigned Ethan Frome. All I remember about it is that it was grim, very grim.
    However, as a relatively new Craftliter, thought I’d give Age of Innocence a shot (have listened to Dracula (loved it) and Gulliver (meh) so far). I’m now anxiously awaiting the next installment because I’m hooked. Maybe I’ll give Wharton another try now that I’m a grown up.

  2. Has anyone else tried to get the button for their blog? I keep getting an error for it, but I’m afraid it may be “user error.” I’d love to hear if anyone else was able to capture it. I’m at blogger.

    • Heather says:

      It’s working for me… are you able to highlight all of the text in the little box? On Blogger are you putting it into a widget or into a post?

      • Thanks, Heather. I FINALLY figured it out. Well, not really, but it’s up now, and I think it looks purty! I hope I’ll be able to figure out how I got it done for the next book. Thanks for the help!

  3. Arlen says:

    Heather, I saw this and through of you. It seems to fit for your touch times right now/


  4. Michele says:

    I just bought the audible copy of Ocean at the End of the Lane too! I have been a fan of Neil Gaiman since he wrote Good Omens with Terry Pratchett and is one of my favorite authors. I may have to do some stressful driving coming up so I think that will help make the driving and my day easier.

    I also enjoyed listening to your thoughts on Newland Archer’s change of heart and how he was able to break the social mold to open his mind up to new ideas and to also be able to interact with and even aid Ellen Olenska. Listening to these chapters did change my mind about Newland as well. It is often easy to make judgements about people looking at the surface but when you open up and know them better they often surprise you. I am glad that I am hanging in with this book. I love Edith Wharton’s descriptions of people and their places and feeling like a fly on the wall in this time and place.

    Thanks again Heather for taking us with you on this journey to 1800’s New York! It keeps me company at work and while I work on projects.

  5. Tammy B. (ravelry screen name wearingpurple) says:

    I have requested ‘Ocean at the End of the Lane’ from the library, on cd. Can’t wait to listen to it.