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  1. Dorthe says:

    Già (pronounced dja) means ‘now’ or ‘already’ and is used colloquially as ‘come on!’ or ‘go on!’, ‘get on with it’, ‘get movin’ already’ or some such hortation.

  2. Deborah says:

    My daughter went through the mermaid phase a couple of years ago and we fashioned a tail from an old pair or her yoga-style pants. I cut each leg down the inseam and then sewed them together creating a long “skirt” that tapered at the bottom (her feet had to be free to walk, move, etc.) For the tail, we used scraps of fabric that I had that were sparkly and her favorite color of blue and created the flowy tail. I have no idea what a functional mer-man tail would need to be, but this gave her the mermaid feel and was comfortable enough to play in. It was also completely free which just makes it that much more fun!

  3. Nina says:

    Ok, listening to you talk about your son wanting a mermaid tail just made me think of the scene in Zoolander where he goes back home to “find his roots” and is watching a commercial of himself and his father calls him a mermaid. He indignantly says “Mer-man! Mer-man!” So, I say to you-he wants a merman tail! hehe Not sure how one would make one but I bet there are a million ideas of how to on Pinterest because if you can imagine it, someone has created it and pinned it.