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The Count of Monte Cristo may be the most underrated adventure-suspense novel ever. Dumas out-Dickens’ Dickens (and 20 years earlier, too!).

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444: chapters 58-59 – The Count of Monte Cristo

444: NOLA – chapters 58-59 The Knitting mentioned: weird basketweave-y stitches | BOOK TALK – 4:06 | Noitier’s issues: Apoplexy, 19th C. Stroke Treatment, and a glossary of old medical terms. And, with all the time you’ll save not having to follow links, you can join other listeners at the following spots...

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443: Chapter 57 – Count of Monte Cristo

443: IngenWHO? – chapter 57  Patterns mentioned: Summer Flies pattern by Donna Griffin Baby Bee Sweet Delight Prints Cal & Mari Plum Deluxe – Organic Tea of the Month Club – AT was drinking:  “A Dark Night Orange Spice Puerh” Then she added this definition: Pu-erh or Pu’er[1] is a variety...

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442: Chapter 56 – Count of Monte Cristo

442: Another Piece of the Puzzle – chapter 56  Tara on the V-Day box (Link goes to that spot of the Crafty Chat) Book Talk ? 03:36 If YOU can find anything on the Fashion Houses mentioned at the end of chapter 56, do tell!  “And how shall I be dressed?” demanded...

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441: Chapter 55 – Count of Monte Cristo

441: Listen – chapter 55  Book Talk ? 23:58 Nope. Really, this week, not so much. Just listen to the GORGEOUS writing! And, with all the time you’ll save not having to follow links, you can join other listeners at the following spots online: Mailing list (infrequently used) Facebook Chat Group Facebook...

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439: Chapter 53 – Count of Monte Cristo

439: Mellow Drama – chapter 53 Shannon Okey on our Crafty Chat! Her Patreon adventure Articles on how the industry is changing here, here, and here. Hidden Figures Book Talk ? 8:51 The Opera: Robert le Diable By Anonymous print – User scan of Fontaine, Gérard (2004). Charles Garnier’s Opéra: Architecture and...

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438: Chapter 52 – Count of Monte Cristo

Oh No! Not Again! Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 52  Call in to the voice mail line at 1-206-350-1642 [Book Talk @ 6:48] Links for you! Where is Perugia? (since they went on about it for awhile…) Parroquet (parakeet) Aqua Tofana: “The ingredients of the mixture are basically known but not...