63–Start the Revolution Without Me


Mother, knitter, spinner, writer, wife, weaver, host...not necessarily in that order...

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  1. Becky in Canal Winchester, Ohio says:

    Loved the quickie episode, and I’m sooo cliff-hung! So tempted to go read the rest of the book!

    Thanks ever so muchly much much, Heather, for the Aurora Forum tip. I spent most of my Sunday cleaning house to the Stanford Aurora Forum episodes on Jefferson, Why Read Books, and the Environment, Sustainability, etc. It felt so good! Like being back at college again, only better – without the teenage angst! And from there I got the tip of the syndicated radio show called The Jefferson Hour, to which I now subscribed in podcast form and for which I downloaded all back episodes!

    See, ya start with an innocent thing like knitting, then knitting podcasts, then books, then literature, then education, politics and world policy! It grows! It’s a wonderful thing and I’m lovin’ it. Again, it expresses many sides of me that have lain dormant while my career in information systems has taken off. My soul has been thirsty, though, and you’re so helping to provide that much-needed soul food. Thank you Healther!!

    Becky in Canal Winchester