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Episodes 1–20

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001--START- Pride and Prejudice
002--Auntie Alpaca - chapters 5-6
003--You Knit What??? - chapters 7-8
004--Crazy Kahuna - chapters 9-10
005--Granny Clutter - chapters 11-13
006--Allergic to Yarn? Perish the Thought! - chapters 14-17
007--Of Storage Space and Scholarships - chapters 18-19
008--Cluttered History-The Gauntlet is Down - chapters 20-22
009--Artist or Anorak - chapters 23-26
010--Sockblockers and Extorting Pirates - chapters 27-30
011--Felt That Soap! - chapters 31-34
012--Spindling and Socks - chapters 35-37
013--Out of Time - chapters 38-41
014--Austen? Chicklit? - chapters 42-43
015--Leap of Lace - chapter 44
016--Rhodes Trip - chapters 45-47
017--Greetings from The Old Pueblo - chapters 48-51
018--Accordion Girl Ahoy! - chapters 53-55
019--Tragedies and Payoffs - chapters 56-59
020--The Triumph of Love - end of book

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Books Available
Craftlit Pride and Prejudice Austen
Episodes 1-20
Tristan & Isolde
Episodes include all short stories 21-28, 40-42, 67-73
Turn of the Screw

Episodes 30-39
Tale of Two Cities Dickens
Episodes 43-66
Frankenstein Shelley

Episodes 75-89
Little Women Alcott
Episodes 90-117
Jekyll and Hyde Stevenson

Episodes 118-123
The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne
Episodes 124-148
Flatland Abott

Episodes 149-159
Persuasion Austen
Episodes 160-171
Connecticut Yankee Twain

Episodes 172—188
Christmas Carol Dickens
Episodes 189—191
Woman in White Collins

Episodes 192—220
Dracula—Episodes 221–