Book: Flatland

Prologue to Flatland. O so many things to link to...


Title:Book: Flatland

Podcaster:Heather Ordover

Book Author:Edwin Abbott Abbott

Episodes:10 episodes


Prologue to Flatland.

O so many things to link to!

Here are some links to…gluten free flour mix, the Jean Reno movie Les VisiteursiPhone app info!, Flatland needs readers (text in left sidebar of link).

More iPhone app information will come as I know it. Those of you who indulge, I’ll try to make sure the launch isn’t TOO bumpy.


Book talk for 151 begins around 13 minutes in. Hope everyone in the US had a satisfying Thanksgiving--in every way. Food. Family. Fun.
Book talk begins at: 22:30 The Encounter begins!!! Meanwhile, back at the's raining. And... How does one say that? We here are unused to your strange terminology and bizarre windy ways.
Book 2 Chs 18-19 I conquer Greenland. (And there was much rejoicing…) Some links: Needle Noodles! How do I love the Valkyrie? SOoooo much! Link to Christen Haden’s book “Creepy Cute Crochet”; Terry Pratchett‘s sad speech; “Too Late to Apologize” based on a Timbaland song (see below) and the nifty work of the SoomoPublishing group, and, um… Donnegal Tweed in #809 teal, anyone? Don’t forget the February Incentive book: I Patchwork! And congrats to Marianne of CA who won Enchanted Adornments, the January Incentive book!

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