Pride and Prejudice

Book talk begins at 11:00. The Triumph of Love Wrapping up P&P. Saying goodbye to Jane and itching for some glorious needlework. "How odious," she thought, "to knit with a broken finger..."
Today, chapters 56-59; THE PAYOFF!
Accordion Girl, Ahoy! Book talk begins at 17:00. Today, aside from chapters 53-55, we talk about accordions, my love of the word "odious," (isn't it great?!) and I finally take Amy up on her suggestion weeks and weeks ago!
Greetings from The Old Pueblo - Greetings from The Old Pueblo - Book talk begins at 4:00. I'm relegated to podcasting from my local coffeehouse again, sorry about that.
Rhodes Trip! Chapters 45-47! Next week, chapters 48-51... Book talk begins at 5:15. 
Austen? Chicklit? Chapters 42-45! Book talk begins at 12:40. 
Out of Time This week, chapters 38-41! Next week--42-45! A brief episode because I'm behind at work, sorry about that. Today, listen for some more wonderful Collins idiocy.
Spindling and Socks This week, chapters 35-37! Next week--38-41! - Book talk begins at 13:30.  Have you met the free online spinning magazine,Spindlicity?
Felt That Soap! This week, Chapters 31-34 (next week 35-37) Book talk begins at 19:20. Felting soap is fun for the whole family! Just look! You can get roving for felting from Toni Neil at The Fold...they're the first house on the left. Really. You have to click it and see. It will make sense. Promise! My 9/11 story, just in case you wondered. And links to poetry/stories from my students too.