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Coleridge! Rime! Mariners! All we really needed was Chip...Alas... If you want to hear it without my audio annotations, checkitout here: Librivox.
Falling Down I'm off to a funeral but I've left you this podcast. No time for links on the show notes right now. I'll update them this weekend. MANY thanks to Becky who read so nicely for us today!
Odyssey in my Mind SO many things to link to! Along with Chs 21-22 - Frankenstein.
Mele Kalikimaka Is the Thing to Say Chapter 20 for you while I head off to the balmy island breezes and leave you with...miserable and cold northern climes and, you know...Victor being a putz... Don't forget to show some love to our February Incentive-Giver, Jennie Lanners of ceramicist fame.
All Is Well... Updates on the surgery can be found on the Thing 2's Ear blog. Thank you SO much for all your support! Today Chs 18-19.
Make Me a Woman! Now it's gotten ridiculous. Pneumonia! Off to surgery for us. More as I know it. Chapters 16-17 here.
Requiem for a Friend I lose a friend with whom I simply did not get to spend enough time, we listen to chapters 14-15, I link you to a weave-a-licious blog post of Dawn's, I continue to wrap wire, look for reeds, and read, and thus I give you a quote from Ms. Shelley: Nothing contributes so much to tranquilizing the mind as a steady purpose—a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.
Winter With Me in the Alps... Today, we stay with the Creature's narrative about his life with the De Lacey family during chapters 12 and 13. I announce the final winnah of the Jen Minnis Craftlit Charm! (Yay Barbara of IL! Yay Jen of Serious Talent!)
Elevate Me Today, once again, I reference Young Frankenstein, blather about Cat Bordhi's new sock book*  (um...buy it. Really. Even if you don't knit socks), and generally wax rhapsodic about Frankenstein. Today you get chapters 8, 9, AND 10. Why? Because you would, quite literally, arrange a posse to hunt me down if I left you hanging after 9. I joke not.