Turn of the Screw

Some things you didn't hear me talk about; some things you did. And the end of the book! The Librarian's Lament (don't you loathe hearing, "yeah, that's just your opinion..." when someone says something like, "the world isn't flat!"), and a killer library.
This week--Chapters 6-7! Okay, and you're not really strangers but y'all sure are kind! Some fun with You Tube and Dante Julie's socks (whoo hoo!) and 1400 A.D. knit pic More Organic info from Dawn (worth a look-see)! Seventh Generation and Land Stewardship Project Janet's pomo fun
First: Turn of the Screw - Chapters 18-19-20! Second: Stephanie Pearl McPhee's SOAR interview. Whoo hoo! And the rest: Sock Darning. Nuff said.
Today, Chapters 15, 16 AND 17! WHOO HOO! Today I have some fun silkworm links, some pretty pics of the Pysanky eggs by Jen (who is very, very, very prolific while listening), some pics of intersting historical spindles, and some lip from Julie!
Today's theme is "Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense" which comes to us from a (probably apocryphal) story about King Edward III and the Order of the Garter. A rough translation is "Shame to him who thinks ill of it" but my AP English teacher used it as "Evil will be seen by those who look for it." Actually he may have had a different famous French quote, but I took Spanish so I wouldn't recognize a the real quote if it walked up and shook my hand.
Well, we're having the first winter storm of the season. The mountains are capped with snow, the sky is grey, it's 39° (I hear you..."Hey! It's the DESERT! What's with the snow and temperature?!"), and the day is bleeding ennui.
Nina sent this very helpful, eminently bookmarkable link to help me with mosquito bites. There's actually a lot of great info here...and this site has a very interesting looking hand/foot/everything cream. Lotions just don't work on me. If it doesn't say "cream" I don't buy it. Well, I bought it and thank you Nina!
You should also check out Stephanie/Lumie's blog (gorgeous work!) Then go here and get smart, RIGHT NOW! After expanding your brain, you can crack yourself up with my friend Peter on his podcast.
More Amazing Crochet from Dawn, some victorian pruditry, more wonderful emails from y'all, how to be an ostritch rather than a governess, and a little background on our author.