Chapter 35 — North & South


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Chapter 35 (VOL 2, ch 10) of North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell, with many thanks to our reader, Barbara EdlemanBook talk begins at 3:25 & 32:27 minutes.
The first N&S episode is 331.

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Indigo Girls: Strange Fire

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Monday: “Tacky”

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Thursday: “Handy”

Friday: Sports Song

More are coming but haven’t been released as of the uploading of the podcast.
Please buy the album. The man is a flippin’ musical genius because half of what makes his parodies work is that they sound SO MUCH like the original (“Grapefruit Diet” and “Yoda” being two that come to mind right away). Plus, I think any of you who have worked in a cubicle will get a kick out of his new song “Mission Statement”.


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