chapters 47-49 — North & South

  • Heather
  • North & South
  • October 9, 2014

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Chapters 47–49 / vol 2 chs 22-24 of North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell, with many thanks to our reader, Barbara EdlemanBook talk begins at 18:50 min.
The first N&S episode is 331.


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If you have written me in the last week and a half and haven’t heard back, try sending again. I thought a size-800+ inbox meant I was getting my email. I wasn’t. It was spam. My real email is. . . somewhere else.

Working on fixing it and huge apologies!

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Chilling Tales October Extravaganza

And the No Sleep Podcast from friend of CraftLit and Chilling Tales, David Cummings. Crreeeeeeeeppppppyyyyyy!

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Andrew’s webinar:
Using Questions to Improve Comprehension, Reasoning, and Problem Solving
October 8, 2014 at 2:00 PM EDT

Get a tissue for this KLM video:

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SEPTEMBER RAFFLE was for a copy of

by Cheryl Fall

| BOOK TALK | 18:50min | chs 47–49 vol 2 chs 22-24

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  • We’re doing chapter 7 this weekend with the voice of our Missing Monkey, Jon Scholes.
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