Chapters 49-50 – Count of Monte Cristo

  • Heather
  • Dumas
  • December 16, 2016

Episode Notes


Merry & Bright

Count of Monte Cristo
Chapters 49-50

[Book Talk @ 10:19]

Truncated show notes again!

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It’s the last week of my computer’s early death (it’s in the shop. If you talk nerd like me: Turns out the Solid State hard drive started to die, took out the fusion drive with it and then, in an epic domino maneuver, took out my graphics card.

That’s why by Thursday the only way I could manipulate the computer (like, to turn it off) was to use the assistive keystrokes for the blind.

THAT was a first.

The Genius Bar was stunned to respectful silence.


This is the last week I’m tormenting Justin, my seriously-fun-to-work-with editor at Audio Editing Solutions for taking blobs of audio and make them make sense.

That Justin. WhattaMensch!



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