chapters 7-8 – Sense and Sensibility

  • Heather
  • Sense & Sensibility
  • April 17, 2015

Episode Notes


Send in a message to play on our  Anniversary episode. Use the call-in line 1-206-350-1642 orSpeakPipe or (if you really don’t want to hear your own voice on the podcast) send an email and I’ll get someone to read it for you and, likewise, send an email if you would like to read a letter for me to play.

| Order of Operations |

  • Dragon Box2 amazing algebra app—video above—on iOS and Android devices (and now with geometry!). – 3:50
  • Abraham’s Tent – Welcoming the Stranger – 9:11
    • Nifty Yarn Donation Contest – Send unique yarn! Post an image of your yarn donation on the Prize Thread in the Abraham’s Tent Group on See Ravelry for details of prizes.
    • When: February 14 – April 30, 2015
    • What: Yarn – minimum of 42” lengths of yarn – any gauge, any color, non traditional materials accepted.
      • Please include your name, email address and your family’s country of origin. $1.00 bill or check made to Welcoming the Stranger Fund a 501 (c)(3). Funds will used to defray costs of processing yarn and name tags.
      • Mail to: Welcoming the Stranger Art, PO Box 10419, Portland, Maine 04104
      • Additional community based events are scheduled during the exhibit: September 3 – October 25, 2015. For additional information contact us at: OR
  • Check in on the Patreon Activity Feed if you’re a patron (old or new). There’s a new video there for you! – 12:21
  • Theresa Loe’s Living Homegrown podcast; Alton Brown’s expert witness appearance on the Judge John Hodgman podcast Cannery Row episode (#53) Cannery Row (giggle) – 12:58
  • Book Talk – 13:51
  • knot a knight – 14:01
  • Renee and Jane, Cassandra, Cottages, and (ahem) Fanny  – 15:03
  • Litographs for Sense and Sensibility! – 54:04

Lynn’s nomination for Best Butternut Tree Speech  – 57:08

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 Premium Audio covers the final chapters of (1881) of The Picture of Dorian Gray this week.


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