Collins—Episode Two hundred thirteen–Trafficking in Wool

  • Heather
  • The Woman in White
  • June 26, 2011

Episode Notes


Today, the Third Epoch (Walter’s narrative), sections v-vii of the Woman in White.

Good to be back and start to feel “normal” ish. New and old friends surround me, as does humidity, heat, mosquitoes, and lightening bugs. Also lemonade and whiskey. What’s not to love?

Looking for a good pattern for a knitted A-line skirt. Anyone? Anyone? I’m sure you know the new Knitty is out, but did you know that the Double Heelix sock is there? It’s soooooo kewl! Madame Defarge appears on blogs and in Ravelry queues! A good sign!

Some newsy ideas: make your own laundry soap (save some ducats) and make your own wool dryer balls (there are some lovely argyle ones on Etsy). Why, you ask, would you want a dryer ball? To stop static cling and dry your clothes faster, thus cutting down on expensive dryer time and eliminating the need for dryer sheets!

OTN: Spindle-spun Handknit socks

Handspun handknit socks

My niece’s baby kimono (LOVE that Mason/Dixon pattern!)

Baby Niece

Bro-in-Law’s Xmas 2010 socks (Yes, I know); using the Tristan pattern from WWMDfK?

this pic is lousy color, the left is closer to real. Wildfoote yarn.

July Incentive! Donate between now and July 31st and you will be put into the drawing for your own copy of the new Chop Bard book,

Devouring Shakespeare; Five Simple Tools, personally autographed for you by Mr. Ehren Ziegler!

Don’t forget your copy of WWMDfK?

Book talk starts at 16:30.

ok talk begins at 16:30. Listen to 213 audio


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