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  • Heather
  • Flatland
  • December 20, 2009

Episode Notes


Flatland begins at episode 149

Wedding: Done! (successfully too!)
Happy Sister (red) Happy Hub-to-Be (with Uke)Happy Sister (red) Happy Hub-to-Be (with Uke)

Semester Grades: Done! (mostly successfully)

November Winners: Posted! Gayle of CA will receive When Autumn Leaves by our own Amy S. Foster and Elizabeth of MA will receive Sweater 101! Checkout the December Incentive BookMack Hacks! Let me know if you’re interested!

Anglo-Saxon! On Audio!

Interweave books to check out: 101 Easy Wire EarringsSew Liberated, and Enchanted Adornments.

Some MathPhobe books we mentioned: The Number Devile=MC²; Gödel, Escher, BachLe Ton Beau de MarotI am a Strange Loop (haven’t read it, but it’s by the same guy–and I loof him!); Danica McKellar’s Kiss My Math.

And, you know…the shawl and pin. Whoo hoo!


Wedding Shawl–blocked

Wedding Shawl
Shawl Pin (sterling silver hammered wire)”

Shawl Pin (sterling silver hammered wire

Book talk starts at 30 min, fig 1 at 45 min, fig 2 at 47 min, and fig 3 at 50 min. Listen to 152 here photo of the Sister by Abe Ordover.


I’m Heather Ordover

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