Return of the Lady

  • Heather
  • Podcasts
  • April 19, 2010

Episode Notes


Lady Russell, that is.
Chapters 13-14


of Persuasion!

Links for you!

Go listen to Julie at Forgotten ClassicsRiddle of the Sands! You’ll love it!

Summit by Mandie Harrington (genius!); Bucky BallsCrazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty; Awesome Cardiff Knitters!

From KarmaKnits:  a movie called Miss Austen Regrets

From gBaby: “ – gluten free fancy food. Just pretty to look at even if you don’t ever cook a thing…

And this article, which for some reason reminded me of Flatland but was so intelligent, and pretty easy to follow and had pretty colors in it I felt compelled to share.” She’s right.

Don’t Forget! April Incentive: Generation T by Megan Nicolay

  Book talk begins at 20 min or so


I’m Heather Ordover

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