Book: Little Women

Can you believe we're about to start our THIRD year??? Ai yi yi how time flies....


Title:Book: Little Women

Podcaster:Heather Ordover

Book Author:Louisa May Alcott

Episodes:29 episodes


Can you believe we’re about to start our THIRD year???

Ai yi yi how time flies. So, I promised you a ton of links, mostly from the very patient Becky!

Beading information here (Thai Silver)here (great shepherd hook ear wires), and here. Oh, and Vintaj beads and Foxy Findings (great stones)…Our listener Elizabeth’s etsy store–home of the great dishcloth and so so SO much more! The Therapik–just go look. AMAZing…I’ll let you know how it works for me!

A great Frankenstein kids book.

Radiolab con hubris from our own Madame Leiderhosen. Cool new-to-me podcast for lovers of the OED etc.


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