008–Cluttered History-The Gauntlet is Down – chapters 20-22


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  1. Heather says:

    Tee hee!
    Yes, Annie, your inner-librarian actually shows.
    My mom’s a librarian too.
    I JUST found the book on ILL and am VERY excited now to see its arrival…esp. if I get to read about graceful gestures. In NYC the “graceful gestures” I get to see are a little different.
    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Annie says:


    I have a book called A History of Hand Knitting, by Richard Rutt, published by Interweave Press in 1987. (ISBN 0-934026-35-1)

    In the first chapter there is a section called “Handling the needles”, where he talks about the switch from holding the needles under the palm to holding them as you would a pen, which he says occurred by the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign. He attributes it to the ladies’ desire for “graceful or languid gestures”.

    Is this the type of information you’re looking for? If you can’t find the book locally, I’m sure your library could get it for you through interlibrary loan. (Can you tell I’m an old librarian?)

  3. Heather says:

    Then you’ve escaped!!! Congratulations! Let me know how do you like the Sari Silk??? I keep eyeing it…jealously.

    I love the plastic zippered bags too!

  4. Susan says:

    I’m so sad because I don’t have stash. I have 3 balls of recycled sari silk that I bought without a project in mind, and they’re in a plastic storage bin. Otherwise, I only buy the yarn I need for a project. I suppose I also have the left over yarn from other projects. That is all kept in those plastic zippered bags that bedding comes in. And then crammed into the storage closet wherever I can find space. Not organized. That’s probably why I don’t have a stash, either.

    Still love the show! Keep it up!