009–Artist or Anorak – chapters 23-26


Mother, knitter, spinner, writer, wife, weaver, host...not necessarily in that order...

3 Responses

  1. BeckJo says:

    Heather, I agree that being call “crafty” is the worst – a woman at work says that to me all the time. My sister and I discussed this also. Being called “crafty” is a great insult because we think of our work as art. On the other hand, I had a man at work tell me he recognized one of my “pieces” on a fellow co-worker, and that he was beginning to be able to recognize my “work”. That is so much kinder and flattering. He spoke of it like he would a piece in an art gallery and it soooo pleased me. I think of my work that way, too.

  2. Heather says:

    Yep! That’s it! It’s the head-pat part that gets me. I’m also reading a book that discusses the art vs craft debate…it’s hard to decide where knitting fits, isn’t it. Somehow with painting, it’s easier to say “work of art” but with knitting…

  3. Susan says:

    I would be bothered by the word hobby, too. It’s got a pat-you-on-the-head feeling to it. To me, hobby feels like saying, “oh, isn’t that cute or quaint, what you’re doing there.” You also addressed the money issue in your show, which I think might be a common connotation to the word; there’s what you do professionally, and the rest is hobby.