161– chapters 4–5 – Persuasion


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  1. Excellent Blog. I like it A lot.

  2. Kit says:

    Hi, I am kitmf – which is a generic online ID. Sorry to make you struggle with it. I’m Kit Finn (middle name Marie). I’m on Ravelry as Kit. The Jefferson Hour is on the radio in some places, as well as being a podcast. It’s fun. I do email based support groups for families with gifted kids. So I kind of collect all kinds of learning resources.

    Kit (listening steadily through the episodes, getting closer and closer to real time)

  3. Barb says:


    Couldn’t resist telling you about an acquaintance who stabled his horse out in the area of the Superstitions (as did I). One day on a group ride this ‘tenderfoot’ dismounted directly into the top of a jumping cholla. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. He was lucky because one of the women had a wide-toothed comb with her and combed the sections off him. A good thing to carry in the desert of AZ.


  4. Anne says:

    I see zee show notes, but I kenna find the episode (here or on iTunes). Am I just too impatient??