Swift—270–Come On In—The BBQ’s Fine!


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  1. mama_g says:

    This is a quick, the pancakes have been eaten and the smalls are listening to music response to the intro for the show today. I loved hearing how great Texas is. I’ve been a couple of times and was blown away by its vastness. It is big. Everything is big, truly. I felt very small driving on the highways (and next to some of the hairdos!).

    Re–Ender’s Game. I second it as a read. It is one of the cleverest books, genre aside, adults or children can read regarding war and morality. (Card is a wingnut of the first degree, but what a writer). It was one of the books I listed for reluctant readers and for parents of boys (secret–equal girls and boys checked it out of my class library).

    re–y’all. I had the same challenge when addressing my students. I don’t think I used you guys, but now I’m trying to remember. I think I said People and My Friends. More often, though, it was about the individual student. My kids thought it was hilarious that I called some of them by their first names, some by their last, and some by their full. It had everything to do with the sound of the whole name and made no sense. Good times.

    Last re–shadow of night/discovery of witches. It would be great fun to listen to them, but they make good straight up reads, too. Fast and fun and now I’ve added to my “to reads” a bunch of books on Elizabeth, Raleigh, and others she includes in her books. Her research notes must take up an entire room in her house.
    cheers and thanks for the show!