START of Jane Eyre—274–Eyre I Saw Elba


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  1. T. Crockett says:

    After listening to you talk about teaching to the joke, I went on Goodreads to look up Jasper Fforde. They have a list of quotes from his books that had me laughing out loud and wanting to start reading about 6 of them all at once. Thanks for the introduction to an author I’m sure I’m going to love.

  2. Zoya says:

    Hi Heather,
    I’m so glad that you are doing Jane Eyre. Not sure if I wasn’t paying close enough attention or if you didn’t mention it in the podcast, but what is the name of the Bronte biography that you are currently reading? I wouldn’t mind checking it out. Thanks.

  3. Kayleigh says:

    As a total Bronte dork, I *think* Heather may have mispronounced the name of the biographer of Charlotte Bronte– Elizabeth Gaskell. This is how nerdy you’ve made us, Heather. She’s a pretty amazing lady in and of herself and wrote “Wives and Daughters”, “North and South”, and “Cranford”, many of which have graced Masterpiece Classic… After all that, I assume I misheard Heather and she said it right in the first place…

  4. Terri says:

    Elizabeth Klett!! Yes!!

    Ooohh, and here I was wanting to finish Wuthering Heights first… dilemma…