275–Holiday Sanity!


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  1. Lily says:


    Very interesting piece on Holland-type pockets from our favourite textile historian.

  2. T. Crockett says:

    On the NPR website store they have something called the Juicebar that I think charges your devices using solar power. It’s probably available other places as well, though buying from them helps you and supports public radio. Not too shabby.

  3. Brandi says:

    After listening to this episode (it’s great, thank you!), I thought you might find these sites interesting, Heather–Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger and How to use the Internet when the Internet is gone.

  4. christina says:

    Thank you for the generous provision you made for the app transition. You spoil us! I’m glad you all are all right after Sandy, but I’m so sorry for the mess your friends and family farther north must manage. Thanks again for the patterns. Hexaflexagon is amazing!

  5. Gail in Wa State says:

    thanks for this book….looking forward to listening.
    On chapters 1 & 2, I was given the option to “open in a new window” or “download”.
    I can’t find that option on chapters 3 & 4…..am I just not seeing it?
    thanks again…Gail

  6. Angela says:

    I’m listening to you right now and my jaw just dropped at the part where you discuss people subscribing, taking the patterns and audio, and then unsubscribing! I just am always so surprised that people do these things! I can’t imagine the work that goes into the prep, recording, editing, uploading, bloggging (I know I’m forgetting things!) and all the other things that go into the glorious podcast you provide to us.

    Thank you, Heather. And I’m sorry some people are twits.