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  1. Rebecca says:

    You mentioned how frustrating it is when the writers don’t allow their characters the smart words (and it IS!!!). Also that sometimes you have to take the smart words out of your characters mouths and let them do the stupid things to keep the story going. However, that also makes it realistic. How often, in real life, do we not say the smart words and end up dragging out our issues/misunderstandings much longer than necessary.
    Another thing I’ve noticed in many of these books (Jane Eyre also comes to mind), is that the women need this extra time to come into their own and really know themselves. Then, and only then, can they have a true partnership with their loves instead of just a romantic relationship. In that time period, it was a bit of financial freedom along with emotional growth that needed to happen. (eg. Jane Eyre’s inheritance) Sometimes it was just learning the differences in people and embracing how rich that makes life. (eg. Pride and Prejudice)

  2. Jeanette says:

    If someone wants a close simulation of what its like to have depression I would suggest playing the award winning browser Game Depression Quest.