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  1. Dixie aka desz72 on Ravelry says:

    From the picture, it almost looks like the twine (if that’s the right word) that my dad used to tie fishing nets with. I wish I could recall the name of the manufacturer of the twine for you but there are books published with fishermen knots that may specify the twine. When I was growing up, Dad used to string a net across the basement and fix the holes using what is basically a weavers shuttle.

  2. Hi Heather,
    Love the podcast. I usually binge-listen during summer and school breaks, but I’m now current, so I wanted to share some thoughts about the death of Mr. Hale. It’s kind of a cliché that long-married people tend to not outlive each other for very long. I often see joint obituaries of married couples in their 70s or 80s who both died within a short period of time. Mr. Hale has seemed to be “heartbroken” with the loss of Mrs. H. and I think that kind of sadness can lead to physical stresses that could cause death. The other thing I noticed was that he was tying up loose ends when musing about what would become of Margaret if he were to die, in Chapter 41, and Mr. Bell assures Hale that he (Bell) would take care of her if that were the case. Again, this seems like a frequently documented part of the dying process, and because of that, I was not surprised by his death.
    Thanks for your thoughtful insights into these literary classics and for introducing me to books I otherwise have overlooked , like “North and South.”