365 – Please. Ask. – Chapters 50–52 – North & South


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  1. Bonnie Gordon says:

    I thought you would be amused to know that I saved up all of September and October chapters to listen to on the way to Rhinebeck. I drive across Pa to my brother’s house and my niece and I drive up to Rhinbeck on Saturday. Then I drive back across Pa. Thanks for keeping me awake!

  2. Anita says:

    What a great book! I started the book just a few weeks ago and I stayed up late a few days ago because I simply could not wait to hear the end.

    I loved the exploration of class/social issues in this book as a whole, but by the end I was just loving the love story. It is so great to see characters who don’t fit the mold find love. I love that both Margaret and John are a little prickly and set in their thinking at the beginning of the book, but both show that given good reason, they can change their minds. Even though she made us wait till the very end to get a full romantic payoff, I enjoyed the final payoff greatly since it showed us how much each of them had matured through the course of the book. Just think at first John was mostly interested in her looks, and then by the end, he is showing how he has adopted her views on the importance of conversation with the men who work with him. I keep thinking of more and more ways they have shown their growth.

    And I could read between the lines on all those looks they kept throwing at each other at the dinner party! And how sweet was Henry Lennox in assuring that the lovers would have their privacy for that final scene?

    My only regret is not getting to know how in the world Mrs Thornton and Margaret will manage to live together — or will they?

    I want to buy the book and read it again.

    I wish I could participate in the Chat on Saturday!