385 – chapters 15 – 16 – Sense and Sensibility


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  1. Diane says:

    Another great and interesting episode! Your comments about Willoughby’s copying sheet music for Maryanne made me think of the pens, called staff pens, that would help make this process somewhat less laborious. They draw five parallel lines for transcribing music notation. Here’s a link to one that comes from the time period of the book–https://www.willishenryauctions.com/catalogs/uncategorized/lot-77-tuning-fork-and-rare-staff-pen-for-ruling-sheet-music/

    I would also love to hear you do something by Fanny Burney. I loved Evelina especially, and thought the librivox version wasn’t bad. Then again, I’d far rather listen to slightly poor audio quality than high quality audio from someone with a dry mouth, annoying voice, or poor pronunciation, so maybe it’s just me. 😉 The In Our Time podcast about Ms. Burney was fantastic, but just FYI, it won’t go away in a work. The entire archive of that show is available to listen online, and there are lots of great episodes about literature and history (and any other subject you can imagine).

    Hope you are well!