415: Chapters 19-20 – The Count of Monte Cristo


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  1. Emi says:

    I’ve only just listened to this episode (so behind on my podcasts!). My fianc√© is from Provence, where the Mistral blows (mees-TRAAAL), and I have experienced the wind that is, by local standards, not really the Mistral. And holy hell, the wind that I have experienced is *COLD* and *STRONG* and *PENETRATING*. The people who live with the Mistral will call any other wind a light breeze. The Mistral is Serious Wind. I didn’t feel like you conveyed that strongly enough in your commentary, and also didn’t think that the text made that especially clear. It’s not a wet wind, however, one doesn’t think of rain or clouds associated with this particular wind.

    Dantes emerging from what is pretty much a weatherless prison cell into the Mistral, essentially naked, and then thrown into the water… yikes. I’m surprised he didn’t die from shock and hypothermia right then and there.

    Thanks for all the work you put into the podcast ūüôā

    • Heather says:

      See!!?! That’s the kind of in-depth, first-hand info I’ve come to rely on from CraftLit listeners!

      And you’re right. Hypothermia. Seriously!