424–Chapter 33 — The Count of Monte Cristo


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  1. Cecelia Riehl says:

    This map confuses me. In the book he clearly states that he chose to go by the streets and took Via Sistina, cut off the corner by Santa Maria Maggiore, then took Via Urbana to get to the Colosseum. You can find all these streets on a modern map and they take you on a direct route through the city. Is the route on the map here the route he proposed before he changed his mind? Or is this a route they are going to take in a later chapter? I stored 3 of the latest episodes on my phone so I could listen to them on my flight across the Atlantic, which was great. I have listened to them again and now am anxious to hear the next chapters. After binge-listeneing to 3 in a row, I’m not happy I now have to wait. 🙂

    • Heather says:

      You’re not mistaken. The map shows Franz’s proposed route from the beginning of chapter 33, which would have taken them outside the walls. Then Sr. Pastrini tells them about the bandits and specifically Luigi Vampa lurking outside the walls, too. Albert still wants to go this way, but Franz chickens out and chooses to go through the streets.
      The beginning of 24 is where you the get details of the streets they really took.
      Is it not SO AWESOME that (ahem) nothing has changed in Rome? Sure makes my work a LOT easier!

  2. Robin Craig says:

    Oh a similar thread… in some stories the reason why the bears have long tails is because Zeus is sometimes said to have lifted the bears into the sky by their tails, stretching them out. Another Greek story says that Heracles once got rid of a couple of pesky bears by swinging them by their tails and flinging them up into the heavens.

  3. Robin Craig says:

    I left a voicemail about Kynosoura but I also wanted to include some links to help: