445: Chapters 60-61 — The Count of Monte Cristo


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  1. Cecelia Riehl says:

    The name of the Tour de Montlhery seemed familiar to me, so I looked it up on Google Maps and realize I have been there. It was in 1978, so I don’t have much memory of the tower, just the name. My parents and sister were living near there and I visited them in 1978. We made a short excursion over to Montlhery to see the tower. I didn’t realize at the time that it was used in Monte Cristo. I hadn’t read the book then. You can find it on Google Maps. Just search for it.

    • Heather says:

      HERE, Cecelia? Did you stay nearby or stay in the bed and breakfast (and I couldn’t tell, but it looks like the hotel is IN The tower?! True??) How amazing that THIS IS the one Dumas included. As I understand it, so many others have been lost, demolished, or allowed to return to dust. Lucky You!

  2. Heather says:

    But destroy his livelihood to great financial advantage!
    And to quote Eliza, “Just you wait…”

  3. Caroline says:

    I was already a little uncomfortable with what the Count was up to in the last chapter, because I felt bad for the poor telegraph operator who was trying to do his job and this guy was trying to bribe him to do something he felt would destroy his livelihood.,,