118: ch 1—The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


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  1. katrog says:

    J&H is going to be so interesting! I love the theme of the shadow figure, and it is certainly a concept that is relevant today. (May have more to say on that another time.)

    With regard to the "pea soup fog"–it wasn't only the streets of London that were dim and gloomy. (And the coal burning didn't stop until 1956!) The insides of Victorian homes were dark, muffled in curtains, and full of soot from the coal fires burning within. It wasn't only the wealthy who had multiple servants fighting a never-ending battle to keep things clean. There is a fascinating book called Inside the Victorian Home, by Judith Flanders which I recommend to anyone with an interest in Victorian domestic arrangements. The writing is lively and the details fascinating.

    Thank you so much for your podcast!

    Kathleen Rogers