122 and 123–Jekyll chapters 9 and 10


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  1. Sandi says:

    In response to the analyses of Hyde’s relatively small stature, I have an anthropologist’s take on the matter. Descriptions of Hyde make my think of the Victorian views on so-called “primitive” peoples who were thought to be closer to our animal relatives and more ruled by their impulses than “civilized” people. I always picture Hyde looking just a little too compact and ape-like to fit in. From this angle, Hyde’s small size represents the awesome power of the human dark side – it shows that we are really not all that far removed from or our primate cousins.

  2. CarolineF says:

    OK I listened to the last chapter tonight. When you said you thought that perhaps Stevenson was trying to make the point that trying to just repress and get rid of your evil side is not going to work – I thought maybe he was trying to say the opposite, that once you let evil ‘get its head’, it won’t rest until it takes you over. Once Hyde was allowed to run wild, there was no putting the genie back in the bottle. As long as Jekyll’s less desirable attributes were kept contained, they could be limited. Just a thought…