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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Heather!

    Not remotely sure if you still check on comments for this book or if you get an email that someone has posted etc, but I just had to comment on Walter.

    Even before you asked us to listen for the change in the relationship between Walter and Marian, I thought that perhaps this is where it was headed for sometime now. I believe that Walter is through it all – very superficial. I wonder where his heart would have been if Marian’s looks “matched” her body when he first saw her. Would the almost feeble Laura catch his eye in the same manner? Marian surely stimulates him intellectually as well as the fact that he can close his eyes and depend on her. However, after all their conversations and all of their interactions, he still chose Laura and I think that this was cowardly and maybe Collins should have been braver and allowed Walter and Marian to be together!

    I believe that Marian fancied him and resigned herself to not having him because of her looks. I mean, socially, they were better suited. Laura did not have the backbone to throw off society’s expectations and marry the man she loved nonetheless, but now that she’s penniless and has no hope of better prospects, she’s accepted the “desperate to have her” Walter.

    I enjoyed the interaction so much between Walter and Marian and struggle now to recall an actual full length conversation between him and Laura. Laura seemed so childlike and really, even though she’s not as weak (she is pretty feeble though) as one would easily write her off to to be, to me she’s largely unattractive.

    There, I’ve got most of it off my chest. Looking forward to the conclusion of this wonderful book and looking forward also to listening to Dracula! I’ve just downloaded it onto my kindle and was between listening to the Woman in White and reading Dracula. It would be excellent to hear this read as reading those first few chapters sent a shiver up my spine!

  2. I just purchased WWMDfK tonight (digital and print editions) and I’m totally blown away!! I thought this would be sort of literaturesque, which I was looking forward to, but this is way more than I could have hoped for!! I can’t wait to get the print edition, and curl up with a cup of tea, a cozy quilt, and my kitty snuggled against me, and read, read, read! Can.not.wait! Also can’t wait to knit Brenda Dayne’s sweater. It looks so divine, and she is so divine!! To those who put this book together, thank you for all your hard work–you all have really outdone yourselves!!

  3. sandyl says:

    This is totally off the top of the my head–It would be interesting to see a comparison chart of Laura and Marian. Laura is the daughter of a gentleman and Marian is not. Marian is not the classic English rose; Laura is. Their behavior is also different. Women of both classes would relate to this story. The working class relates to Marian–her behavior and personality is more closer to them; whereas the upper class may relate more to Laura.

    As to Marian marrying Walter, I didn’t really think so. Marian clearly sees Walter as a brother and protector. My guess is that she would need someone who stimulates both her mind and body. Perhaps a non-evil version of the count. As much as she is repelled by him, he does challenge her.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Another one who had been rooting for Marianne and really thought that his affections had turned. I loved the way you asked us to turn the podcast off and write down our thoughts. As I was driving 65 mph at the time it didn’t seem prudent. I am really enjoying listening to this book. Thanks!!

  5. Sumiko says:

    Yes, I thought he would have changed his mind. Cleary, despite how great Marian is – it appears that he believes that he is the only one who can protect Laura. Oh well.

  6. Theresa says:

    Heather, you were not the only one who thought he might end up with Marian. I thought that they would marry, if for no other reason, to protect Laura. I thought they would think she was still too fragile for anything else.
    I have some thoughts about how Marian has changed. She and her sister have gone through a terrible time and although she seems a little less sure of herself she is still strong. When she perceived a threat she acted. She did wonder if she had done the right thing, but she still acted. She is just as strong as before, but more cognizant of how often she is just not in control. It’s a hard lesson to learn and often leaves people less sure of themselves.