33–The Kindness of Strangers


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  1. madame_leiderhosen says:

    Loooovely Heather!
    There is, of course, the Swedish myths about knitting circularly counter-clockwise and use of knots, both being unlucky. And items knitted left-handed virgins, which will get me no end of hate mail from both left-handed virgin knitters out there. So, be it… my Nona was probably lying to us anyway. And it wouldn’t be the first time.

    Everyone who is not knitted for for Christmas by now, gets IOUs and freedom of color choice. This includes the unexpectedly hot guy from the fourth floor of my office who has begged (BEGGED!) me for socks and is perfectly fine with the 12 month time frame and will swap me a set of his lovely handmade tea bowls in exchange and is forbidden to ask me to join any party committee until 2025. (I was really taken by such enthusiasm.)

    Great fantastic splendid marvelous and downright squiffy show, my blossom. You were so right about Columbia fleece. Sproingy beyond belief.

    Pardon the mispellings, fragments and lack of sentence structure. Simply too weary and so will you be after you unpack your large collection of ukeleles.

  2. Heather says:

    GOOD GRIEF! The link disappeared!
    It’s back now, up in the right hand margin, under the spinning wheel.
    Thanks for the head’s up!

  3. Jenny says:

    Hey, how do I get to the gallery???

  4. Knitting Rose says:

    I love the superstitions! you can tell some of them were made by mothers who didn’t want their children to wipe their noses with their mittens! LOL