35–Ennui and Normandy


Mother, knitter, spinner, writer, wife, weaver, host...not necessarily in that order...

3 Responses

  1. Wacky Wonky Weirdo says:

    I’ve really been enjoying your show.
    I’m so glad I read Sleepy Hollow before watching the movie. Talk about loosely based on the book.
    As for dry skin… I get eczema on my hands. Sometimes the best thing is to actually just rub olive oil into my hands. I’m actually interested in earing to spin in the grease because I suspect it may really help my hands.
    I haven’t listened to your latest show as yet however I had to smile wryly as I broke a toe yesterday

  2. ashley says:

    Oh… I’m so glad that you posted that it was down.

    I’ve been trying so hard to get it, but when I looked at the library it wasn’t there last night.

    Can’t wait to listen to it!

  3. Dawn says:

    hee! how odd to read about snow in tuscon while we’re having the 5th warmest december ever here in saint paul. i have some major snow envy.

    wanted to chip in that the itunes thing might be because their site has been having major trouble with the new traffic after the holidays. i guess so many new users tried to set up accounts the day after christmas everything went hooey.

    patience is a virtue, no?