Swift—271–The Birds


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  1. cath says:

    I’ve been thinking about this Gulliver episode today (still have 5 minutes of it left when I got to work, so I’ll get the rest on the way home). A few things you pointed out were close to home. I, too, would have been one of those mom’s who didn’t make it through childbirth 100 years ago–largish sunnyside up baby who was wedged in tight. But what really got me thinking was my grandmother. As the family story goes, nearly 100 years ago in Greece (when she was 3) her mother died (giving birth?) and her father wore an armband to show he was in mourning. Someone he knew through his work (travelling cobbler) got into a conversation with him. This person was childless, my great grandfather had 4 young girls–and somehow my grandmother was given to the childless couple. Who knows all the particulars–my grandmother was the only one left to tell the story, and she was so little, her only memory was getting a new pair of shoes. Was it an act of “reason”? Unlikely–but it did happen and it changed her name and who she was from then on.
    Gulliver has certainly been an interesting read–and not really what I expected.

    • Heather says:

      Zowee! That is an amazing story! I’m sure it made a lot of sense, too, when her mother had died and there were many mouths to feed and here’s a nice guy who doesn’t have any kids… but still. WOW. We just live so far from that these days. Thank you for posting!