About the CraftLit Podcast

CraftLit® is a podcast about having fun with classic literature!

You can think of the CraftLit podcast as a weekly audio show for people who

  • love classic lit
  • never read classic lit
  • are curious about classic lit
  • don’t like to be bored
  • are sick of hearing shrill punditry and politics on the news and radio
  • love romance and adventure
  • are learning English
  • are in school taking a tough literature class
  • are out of school but have fond memories of English lit classes
  • are out of school and have hideous memories of English lit classes… (but have always felt like you really should have liked the books because you have friends who are always going on about some dude named Rochester or Darcy or Wentworth or something and you’re really not enjoying missing their jokes and sub-references.

It may not sound sexy (ooh, you look so hot carrying that musty tome with you!) but there’s no question about all the amazing benefits classic lit can give you. And if you have an opinion or two about the book we’re reading, don’t be shy!

Call in and share your thoughts with everyone!


(Share your questions, too! Heck, just call and say, “Hey!”)

So Why CraftLit? — the Actual History

In April 2006, Brenda Dayne, host of Cast-on, the knitting podcast, put out a final call for submissions. I’d been kicking around an idea of writing and recording an essay for her series on the Greek Muses and how they connected to knitting. At the 11th hour I sent her my essay on Melpomene and how knitting helped my students and me recover from our evacuation on 9/11. The end result was the start of CraftLit, originally conceived as a way to get knitters (busy hands) some quality audiobooks to listen to while they worked away.

I, however, am multi-crafty and didn’t stick to knitting. Neither did CraftLit’s listeners—and nowadays, plenty of listeners aren’t crafty at all. Some skip the crafty chat and skip ahead to the book chat, some tune in to listen just to the crafty chat and horde the book-talk until a book is finished (or nearly finished). There’s no one-size-fits-all in our podcast world, so don’t hesitate to jump in. (Just make sure if you horde, that you’re on the email list. Things change and I travel. I’d hate to miss a chance to meet you just because you were saving up for a book binge.)

What’s the Show Format?

CraftLit contains four segments

  • general opening and crafty chat*
  • book talk**
  • audiobook chapter(s)
  • post-book talk and closing
  • This used to be me-and-what-I’d-found-to-share. I don’t have time to do both this segment and the book research any longer so please call in or write it with pictures and goodies to share and be featured on the podcast! Call +1-206-350-1642 or email crafty@craflit.com.

** The time-code for this segment is given at the beginning of each episode if you want to skip to the bookish stuff.

You’ll find we have lovely groups to chat with online at Ravelry and Facebook (plus this FB page has a player). I pop up on Twitter as me @MamaO and (less often) as @CraftLit.


Would you like more information or get a question answered? Send me an email or a tweet or call our voicemail (+1-206-350-1642) or Speakpipe lines!

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Listening is as simple as using an app (iOS/Android/Windows 8), listening via iTunes, Learn out Loud, Stitcher Radio, or your fave podcast aggregator, catching up on previous books here in our Library, or at our Libsyn site where you can also catch our Premium books.

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Who’s Hosting the Shindig?

Heather Ordover - VA headshot

Heather Ordover – in a rare moment without headphones on

I’m Heather Ordover and I love books.

As long as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by them. But I also love the spoken word. Both parents read to me when I was little and that definitely influenced the many ways I like to ingest text.

I suppose it’s not that odd that I became a teacher, then a podcaster then an author/speaker/designer… along with having my two wonderful boys and giving birth to a different project—Crafting-a-Life, Inc. and its imprint Crafting-a-Life Books. Not surprisingly, my company specializes in educational media and Annotated Audiobooks™—treating literature and history with a light touch and serious enthusiasm.

I’ve centered the wheel of my work-life around a simple hub—the goal of helping you craft a good life by finding and sharing things you’ll love and fun.



iTunes-resize-grounded-cover With my young adult novel Grounded–The Seven series (seen in Vogue Knitting, Winter 2013-14), I’ve brought readers a set of teen protagonists who are smart, independent, and unique—yet aren’t estranged from the adult world. Reviews from adults—and gratifyingly, from teens—have noted the difference from other mainstream teen fare and have become devoted fans of Rosie (and her socks). (GroundedSeries.com, GroundedSeries.com/updates/category/socks/)
CraftLit podcast player

With my podcast, CraftLit® I’ve has been bringing Annotated Audiobooks™ to listeners every week since 2006, giving commuters, SAHMs, and busy people of all stripes a chance to enjoy the books they know they should have read—but haven’t (yet)—in a homespun, friendly format. (CraftLit.com, Audiobooks-with-Benefits.com)
Screenshot cognitive anchoring With my research into Cognitive Anchoring and the benefits to attention and memory derived from engaging in simple, automatic behaviors like knitting and doodling, I’ve traveled around the country, meeting amazing people, inspiring meeting-goers, conference-call-zombies, students, military veterans, and families of ADD children to pick up the needles, hook, or pen, and improve their memory and happiness. (CognitiveAnchoring.com) AND NOW I’ve given a modified version of the talk at MAPcon – the Mid-Atlantic Podcaster conference – focusing on what busy listeners need from we podcasters if we want them to be able to hear what we’re saying and act on it (without forgetting or getting frustrated).
defarge 1 cover 500x855 With theWhat Would Madame Defarge Knit? series, I’ve brought together a team of ascendant designers who—with their engaging essays and clever, beautifully wrought knit and crochet patterns—have given joy and inspiration to a devoted cross-section of the crafting world. Along with our publisher, Cooperative Press, I’ve found a way to pay the designers royalties while still managing to print in the United States. Two things that are unique in the world of craft publishing. (WWMDfK.com, CooperativePress.com)