Book Me!

I travel to read my books and to sign them and record voice overs and audiobooks from my home studio.

I also travel to stores, guilds, schools, and corporations to share the good news that knitting, crochet, and doodling all help adults (and children) pay attention in meetings. Never again will you be forced to blushingly put away your knitting when a supervisor looks down upon you and says, “When you’re ready to pay attention…” as though you’d been cracking gum and telling and off-color joke.
Oh, no. My talk on Cognitive Anchoring will give you the data you need to fight back and proudly hold up your sticks and string at meetings, knowing full-well that you’re remembering nearly 30% more than the poor slob who’s bored bored bored next to you.

I also teach knitting classes—

—the recent most-popular-class list:
• specialized sock-heel workshops
• plaited cast-on class for socks, hats, and coffee cup cozies
• certified Knit Companion trainer



To schedule a class or event, please visit the Shoppe page where you will find a class list and calendar.

I live in Eastern Pennyslvania and can easily get to most places on the Eastern Seaboard. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.