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by Louisa May Alcott. It’s interesting to think that Jo, one of the original “uppity women,” has been the most popular character in the book for longer than uppity women have been in vogue. Says something about our view of olden times.
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Little Women

091–Eek! A Man!—Alcott

Ookay, lotsa links for you–FitFlops ® (NAYY), another online audio-lit site (I think I promised this ages ago!), a hot-button...

Little Women

096: ch 11 Little Women

I return from the curious cruise, wax rhapsodic on our listeners, remind myself why I don’t sew more often, hand...

Little Women

101: ch 20 – Little Women

Judith’s photostream, my Guyabara shirt (sans sleeve…) Photo_07.jpg Originally uploaded by hordover One sleeve off, one sleeve on… And not...

Little Women

103 and 104: chs 23-25

In Which We End and Begin Not a lot to put here…don’t forget to get registered with the Bone Marrow...