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by Nathaniel Hawthorne. When you get into the first few chapters you’ll know why Hawthorne changed the spelling of his family name to distance himself from his Salem “hanging judge” ancestors. You’ll also be surprised at how strong Hester Prynne is.
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The Scarlet Letter

124, 125, and 126

124 125 126 The links, as promised–The Dickens Link, the link to Frolicking Deer Lavender Farms, microtia bracelets here, books...

The Scarlet Letter

127: Ch 2 – Scarlet Letter

Today! Chapter 2! Goodwives. Heh. Fun with the intolerant Puritans of the Dour Physiognomies (love that word! Also love ignominious)....

128–She Will Not Speak!

I bait the “come-and-see-me” hook with three venues–Maryland Sheep and Wool, Sock Summit, and SFO. Come by JennieThePotter’s stall at...

The Scarlet Letter

130–But I Hate Embroidery!

Hester embroiders! Puritans are explained! My new site is nearly done! AND MSW UPDATE: After Party that Guido (It’sAPurlMan) and...

The Scarlet Letter

132–Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

For all of you (ahem, all of us) who don’t speak Latin…you know…just in general…that would be a title for the Governor in our little book–in English–Who Watches the Watchmen?

This week, Chapters 7 and 8 of The Scarlet Letter!

Some quick links…

133–Eek! A Leech!

Now, now…didn’t mean to frighten you there…Leech was just a old fashioned way of saying “Doctor.” Which makes me wonder...

The Scarlet Letter

134–Free to Be Crafty

A couple of links and a few pics and chapter 10! Whoo hoo! The LocalGringos Etsy shop, The Cloth/Paper/Scissors that...