Collins—Episode Two hundred nineteen–SOS (Sleep odd, Still)


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  1. T.Crockett says:

    This reading was all that you said it would be and then some! In other places I’ve felt like I needed to take your word that the characters were written with individual voices. I could hear it in the priest’s widow, but otherwise I felt a bit tone deaf. But Fosco – oh he most certainly was written with his own peculiar non-native, yet still fluent version of English.

    Now that I’ve heard him in his own words, I’d be curious to listen to the book again and see how that colors my vision of him when he’s described by others. Now that I’ve heard this section I can understand better the glee in your voice when you mention him.

  2. Renee says:

    Janice beat me to it – of course Anne Catherick had to die, and I loved how Fosco put it, without any apology.

  3. Janice in GA says:

    You asked:

    “If Anne Catherick hadn’t died on her own, wouldn’t they have had to kill her?”

    Fosco tells you exactly what he would have done:

    ” Second question. If Anne Catherick had not died when she did, what should I have done? I should, in that case, have assisted worn-out Nature in finding permanent repose. I should have opened the doors of the Prison of Life, and have extended to the captive (incurably afflicted in mind and body both) a happy release.”

    That’s about 3 paragraphs from the end of the section.

    In less flowery language, yes, he would have killed her.
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    • Heather says:

      That’s IT!
      Thank you! This is one of those few moments where I really NEEDED to have read the book with my eyes and not just my ears. Thanks for the x-post on Ravelry too.