48–As God Is My Witness, On You it Looks Good!


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  1. knitting2relax says:

    Oh, I totally missed Yarn Love at The Loopy Ewe sneak. I so wanted some, but I just received a lovely package from one of my swap partners and she sent me Yarn Love. Squee! Great to see all the indie yarn folks selling out so fast.

  2. Mandy says:

    Is the shirt gone? I went to cafe press looking for it and couldn’t find it, so I came back to find the link here and it doesn’t look like it is available anymore.

  3. Alistche says:


    Just wanted to let you know – I’m interested in those links and/or items that are craft related to D& D. I was laughing with you when you were talking about what kind of Harry Potter geek you are, and I am too. I’d love to see what you have access to.

    Also, Luna is in Ravenclaw. She’s lovely and eccentric and perfectly self-assured.

  4. Heather says:

    Right back atcha, kiddo!
    I just read Ysolda.me.uk’s commentary. COOL! I’m stoked that someone who read the book in HS (and liked it!) is listening!
    Whoo hoo!
    We win!

  5. tea cozy says:

    I love you! Thank you so much for making this podcast; it’s AMAZING! I just stumbled on it because a blogger (ysolda.me.uk) mentioned it in one of her posts…and how lucky for me that you were listening this week to one of my most, most favorite chapters of TOTC, which I read so many times in high school. Thank you again! You have a wonderful voice, as well.

  6. Lumie says:

    Not only have I gotten over my Dickens fear, but I bought Our Mutual Friend by him.
    Thank you, I’ve been missing out for years.