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  1. Brenda Hogan says:

    Hello Heather, I’ve never commented before, but I’ve listened to your podcast since around the middle of Tristan and Isolde. I really enjoy each episode and thank you for sharing your time, talent, and enthusiasm. I thought this chapter was pretty incredible. You mentioned earlier that Chillingworth’s name was a deliberate choice and described his character. I think Arthur Dimsdale also describes the character. He has such a ‘dim’ outlook and is so depressed. A ‘dale’ is a valley and Dimsdale certainly seems to be stuck in a dark valley of despair. Maybe the Arthur name, meaning ‘bear’, could describe him before the exposure of Hester’s pregnancy and the birth of Pearl. Maybe he was strong and passionate, making him appealing to Hester and would explain why she tries in this chapter to ‘fix’ his situation. They clearly still love each other deeply and although I feel a little silly mentioning this, Dimsdale also reminded me of the Edward character from the Twilight books. Edward also thinks of himself as cursed, damned, and unworthy. Both feel that they are beyond redemption and the female character Bella/Hester believes strongly that they do have worth and a chance to go to heaven. The discussion of how things would be completly different and not impossible if only outside the bounderies of the town and that Hester and Dimsdale’s love was in itself something sacred was so interesting. In today’s world Hester would divorce and she and Dimsdale could be together no problem, but what if the two lovers were a same sex couple. Again, outside the bounderies of the society and law of this time, they could be happy, but within the society they are restricted and in some cases treated badly, as Hester has been. Anyway, those are just some thoughts, thanks again for all your work. I love the podcast and I’m really thinking of dragging my husband to the London,Bath, and Wales trip-wonderful idea,thanks!

  2. Penelope says:

    Wow! Two episodes in the same week! We must be starting down the rollercoaster…whoopee! Everybody! Arms in the air!