137–It Is Finished (not TSL, my novel!)


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  1. Спасибо эта та информация которая была мне нужна,можно скопировать часть контента ?

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  3. мне понравилось,в тему

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  7. Heidi says:

    First of all, love the podcast! It’s a great way for me to finally get to “reading” those classics. I have a 1,5 hours commute to work and listening to a good book helps make that time a lot more enjoyable.

    I had to go read the article on divorce -I’m not married yet, but will be next year -and have to say I’m every bit as shocked as you. I’ve been with my fiance for two and a half years, and by the time we get married next summer, we will have lived together for two years already. Yeah, it’s not fun and games every day, but sharing my life with someone else requires work and attention, just as everything else in my life -my career, friendships, etc. It seems a strange idea that your partner shouldn’t require some attention just because you choose to spend all your energy elsewhere. It takes two to tango! Even though I have no kids, I realize it is hard work raising a family, but I think some women get so absorbed in their children that they sometimes forget to care for the relationship with their partner. I don’t think that’s healthy -for any of the parts involved.

  8. Ellen says:

    A couple of things, Heather.

    First, I LOVE CraftLit and am so glad you’re back on iTunes so I don’t have to get to techie-wid-it to hear you…bravo.

    Second, I couldn’t find CraftLit episode 137 i included in your blog archive for July (or June, in case I was mistaken)…Could only find it by searching…

    Third, wanted to bring a tremendous DVD series to your (and your listeners’) attention if you haven’t heard about it. It’s British miniseries called “The Adventure of English” (http://acornonline.com/info.asp?ii=11), described as “The life history of the 1,500 year evolution of the English language”. (Clips are available on Amazon.com as well.) I watched all 8 parts recently while knitting a gift shawl and was totally enthralled for all 405 minutes! At $79 retail it’s a bit pricey, but a great suggested purchase for your local library if they don’t already have it. (I’m the A/V librarian for the Lewiston Public Library here in Maine and I snapped it up!) Coverage of Chaucer, with readings in Middle English, is terrific. Check it out!

  9. Caroline says:

    I have been having trouble getting drop.io to take any input from me… in Firefox I can’t get into the big text box, and in IE I can’t get the Save button to work… So I am going to put my comments here where people can hate on me by name for them… Granted I’ve only read 2 pages of the article, that’s all the time I had in between feeding kids and dragging out trash and shooing the neighbor’s kid out so mine could get a shower.

    My first reaction was, Why are you making a public confessional in a national magazine? Just stop now before this goes any farther!! I often have conflicted reactions to Sandra Tsing Loh’s essays (not so much as Caitlin Flanigan who also writes for the magazine, but still).

    When she said that given all the stuff she has to do, she doesn’t have time to also take on the task of falling back in love with her husband – I had to sort of sympathize with her on that. I feel like with a kid and a fulltime job I don’t also have the time to take care of and cater to a husband. I do agree that you can’t be lazy in any relationship, but when there is nothing BUT work then there is no relationship left. Whether it is better or worse for children to have the relationship kept together depends upon the climate between the parents, it can’t be assessed a priori. (And no I’m not divorced, I adopted a child as a single.)

    I also found interesting her summary of (Chertlin? was that his name?) who wrote that Americans marry with too much facility. I remember having an argument with a nasty boyfriend once – he was divorced twice and seemed to believe that if only his wives had been legally or financially unable to divorce him, he would have been a successful married man. I said, no, no, divorce should not be harder, MARRIAGE should be harder. You should have to jump through more hoops and think longer and harder to get married than to get divorced. He did not see my point, per usual… I know a woman who is on her 6th marriage and is only in her mid 40s. I always wonder if she hasn’t heard of DATING. Dating long enough to know for sure whether or not the annoying or abhorrent aspects of someone’s character are going to change or whether they will drive you mad.

    Anyway I will read the rest and may have more contrarian thoughts, or I may find it increasingly distasteful, I don’t know….

  10. Elinor says:

    I’m glad I haven’t missed anything! I was worried. iTunes isn’t grabbing the podcast feed for me anymore either, but I’m going to resubscribe and see if that fixes it.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Itunes still wasn’t picking up your website, so I tried re-subscribing by cutting and pasting the rss feed you have listed in your How To section, and as if by magic, episode 137 appeared (as well as every other podcast you’ve done!!) So if anyone out there is as impatient as I was for the next installment, try that!

  12. Host says:

    I think I’ll have my Dad read “Flatland” for us next. He has a veeeerrry soothing voice. And Flatland is short–like “Jekyll and Hyde”. I think I like switching up like that. Then maybe the General Prologue to Chaucer, and then…I’m itchin’ to do some Twain!

  13. You managed to fix your site… you must be very relieved. Any ideas for the next book… Edgar Allen Poe or maybe Mark Twain? Perhaps Bryce Courtney – I can even do the accent! 🙂