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What is CraftLit? | How do I Listen? | Where can I listen?

What is CraftLit? (video)
What is CraftLit? (video)

New? Click the above picture for a 2 minute video about the free, weekly CraftLit annotated-audiobook podcast.

If you are new to the world of podcasts, have no fear!

You have a variety of listening options. Six of them are ranked below in order of ease:placeholder

Or you can use our brand new, handy-dandy decision-tree:placeholder
How to Listen to CraftLit
Click on the picture to see the whole shebang up close.placeholder

1. By App

On the Go Listening–You can choose among the free CraftLit iOS • Android (Amazon) • Windows 8 • Android (Google) app, or Apple’s new Podcast App (which is native on iOS devices with OS8, detailed “how to use” here),  the Stitcher Radio site or the Stitcher Radio app.
All of those options let you listen anywhere via your “smart” device. The dedicated CraftLit app also allows you to tap a “star” icon next to episode titles so you can download what you want to listen to when in a WiFi environment. That way you don’t have to use up your Data Plan by streaming episodes.

CraftLit AppApp Store on Smartphoneplaceholder

2. Audio and Perks at Patreon

Join us over at Patreon! On this fantastic site you can support free content (and the content creators) you love and enjoy Patreon-specific rewards. CraftLit being free —and having a good long track record—was among the few podcasts accepted to Subbable, so when Subbable merged with Patreon, CraftLit found a lovely new home. By becoming a Patron (for anywhere from $0 to $1000/month) you’ll get updates on the day of a podcast’s release, an opportunity to communicate directly and easily with me, and a shot at lots of nifty rewards.

3. iTunes

Subscribe via iTunes. Go to the iTunes “Music Store” from within the iTunes program/app, or via iTunes on the web (screenshot below). Search for “CraftLit” (it’s in the Literature category). This will open a window from which you can see the show icon (and if you’re in a browser a “view in iTunes” button). Once you’re inside iTunes and on the CraftLit page you’ll see a “subscribe” button. Click that button and every time you open iTunes, all the new episodes will appear in your  iTunes “Library”.
Then just double click and listen!

CraftLit in iTunes

  • You can also get back-episodes via iTunes by clicking on the CraftLit icon and going to an iTunes page where you’ll see all previous episodes listed. (If something looks wonky with the numbering, email the show and we’ll see if we can get Apple to fix it. It’s generally correct in the iTunes program/app, but the web version gets weird sometimes.)

4. Podcast Aggregator (for those who don’t much like iTunes)

DIY-ers may prefer to subscribe with a podcast aggregator (Juice seems to be a good choice, or the newer Overcast and Media Monkey which has gotten good marks from some listeners) where you type in the show’s rss feed (ours is– and every time you open Juice, the same thing happens as per the above with iTunes. Sometimes the shownotes look a little wonky when they arrive via this option—just FYI.placeholder


Another choice is to visit CraftLit’s website where you can listen to the latest episode from the player you find there (upper left sidebar) or through the player you’ll find in the shownotes.

  • About Shownotes Player: You’ll see this at the top of the 2013–present episodes and at the bottom of previous ones. It also appears on any page with a right-hand sidebar. The player has the most-recent episode, must be clicked on to start playing, and looks like this:


6. CraftLit’s Library

Finally, you can visit our library every week-or-so and manually download the mp3 file to your hard drive.


Whichever way you choose, a new CraftLit is uploaded every Friday around 3pm. If it will be more than a day or two late, I’ll post an update to the shownotes or send out a newsletter blast.

CraftLit’s Crafty Chat Livestreams on YouTube

Finally, you can visit our YouTube Channel here:


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Need More Audiobooks with Benefits?

If one book is not enough, you can always become a Premium Audio Member (Streaming the Premium Audio through the free CraftLit app or via a Download-only Membership for mp3 users and those who want the files on their computers rather than streaming through a device).


Streaming-only audio will arrive Saturday mornings around 10am. To sign up, tap the “lock” icon next to a Premium episode on the app or go to and click on the red banner in the upper right.


Download-only audio will appear bundled in a zip file at the end of the month on the password-protected Download-only Member site. (The process to sign up for Downloading is two steps–Paypal, then a redirect to a page where you’ll sign up for a Member Newsletter. That newsletter is how you’ll receive your password and page link.)