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CraftLit - new logo 300x72 -podcastIf you love listening to books and would like to listen to books online then you have found your home!

And the technologically adept world in which we live gives you several options for listening to both the free podcast CraftLit® and our premium audiobook which you can access via a membership.

Let’s find you the perfect way to listen.

Click on your preference:

I prefer to listen on my computer — like sometimes when I’m in my office/workroom.

I prefer to listen on my phone or tablet while I toodle around and Get Things Done!

listen on a computer

5 If you’re rarely out and about when you listen, then you probably don’t need much more than (for links to All The Books) or iTunes. (This is me!)


listen on a smart device

CraftLit App You’ll want to use one of the iPhone/Android/Windows 8 apps.

If you need to have a way to listen when you’re out and about and don’t mind streaming (which uses data) then you have some freedom of choice.

xxx  xxx-I like the idea of an app, but I don’t want to use up all my data.
 yyy  yyy
 zzz  zzz – I’d rather not download another app. Isn’t there another way?

When you “favorite” an episode, it downloads to your smart device (as long as there’s room on the phone or tablet’s internal drive) that way you can listen on an airplane, in the car, deep underground – or anywhere you don’t have wifi —but NOT impact your data plan. (This is me!)

Yes! There are lots of ways to listen on devices (and some of these on browsers, too)

as of Sept2016 – options for listening are:


The show is hosted by Heather Ordover, a multi-crafty type and former teacher/professor who “teaches” classic literature chapter by chapter on this free podcast.


Grab a PDF which lists (and links to) All The Books!

The show is clean enough for homeschooling, useful for English Language Learners (hello rewind button!), and always free. You can listen easily via iTunes, Learn out Loud, or Stitcher Radio, your fave podcast aggregator, or use the iPhone/Android/Windows 8 app. Our Library of many books is just a click away in the menu above and downloadable Audiobooks With Benefits™ are in our Shoppe.

Or listen to the latest right here:

A podcast you can trust to be here.
We’re in our eighth year and going strong thanks to sponsorships, one-time donations, and Premium Subscriptions.

And for that, I am truly grateful.

And most of all, welcome!


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